Warning: Blog consists of fabulous women, gay ships and all the baddies that will make your heart stop
Pleasure to meet you, my name is Kayla.

I excel at being a fan girl, Evil Regal, and devoted Swan Queen shipper.

Sarcasm is my native tongue and I have an arsenal of bad jokes as well as useless facts.

I fell in love with Johnny depp like you fall asleep; slowly than all at once.

Watch out for the food porn and cute animals posts that will interlace through my daily rants, and snarky comments about gay subtext.

I watch many shows, some of my favorite being Wentworth, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, many more movies, and play a variety of games. I do try to tag everything so feel free to blacklist if you only came for one aspect of my blog. There is a link to my shows & ships on the sidebar.

Feel free to drop a message and try to communicate with me if that is your wish. I really don't bite all that hard.
You'll be okay, ok?
“You are where you need to be. Just take a deep breath.” -LP

I was watching a bunch of OUaT crack videos with my brother, when I came across a user who shipped Red and Belle. I said “Oh this person ships Red Beauty,” and my brother gave me this confused look. Granted I have only just begun to describe ships and everything to him, so I told him “The ships have names, like Snowing, Captain Swan, Swan Queen, Sleeping Warrior, Red Beauty, Rumbelle, and so on.”

My brother pondered this new information for a little bit, and then looked me dead in the eye and said, “So if you ship a Mexican and Belle would it be called Taco Belle?”

hes learning fast